Lots for Literary Works - Bringing Storybooks to Life



Where did this idea come from?  A need to create a plan for vacant lots that are kid friendly, family and community focused.  The LOTS team will transform four vacant lots in Detroit District 2 & District 4 into six week program spots for children and families. 


What can we do with a vacant lot that would make youth want to go outdoors and engage in play? Imagine a place where a “life-size sandwich sailboat” wait for an adventurer to climb aboard.  There are towering flowers and pasta tubes big enough to crawl through.  There’s a tea party set with mismatched china where you can celebrate a very merry un-birthday.  Play areas, craft tables and of course plenty of books to read.


Wouldn’t it be cool to see parents sit on a sandwich boat with their kids and read to them? Each lot will have a theme based on a specific children’s book and will become a space for art and educational programming, bringing cultural institutions across the city together into inner-city Detroit neighborhoods. 


These lots will be a creative collaboration to “bring books to life” through the programs designed by artists, whether they are learning activities or fun games.  Our program will offer art, writing and music programs, such as song writing workshops and an outdoor showing of a favorite children’s movie. 


How can you help? Contact us to Partner, Sponsor, and Volunteer to make this project a reality. We are on the lookout for Program Partners, Videographers, Teachers, Artists, Builders, Web Designers, Board Members, Publicist and anything you can offer that was not expressed.

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